Beyond Frequencies






Female Fronted Arockalypse

A tidal wave of rock, metal and striking electro influences, paired with a kickass voice.

Influenced by a crop of female fronted metal bands Beyond Frequencies developed its own identity, transforming metal songcraft and pop-influenced vocals into a winning combination of «Heavy Pop». Clean vocals and catchy melodies give Beyond Frequencies their unique cut and make the heavy sound accessible to a broad audience.

The brand-new act is anything but new to the game. Cutting-edge musicians who are up to every trick in the book have joined forces to bring Beyond Frequencies to life. With previous acts the entertainers toured the US, Mexico, El Salvador, and among Germany and Norway various European countries. Back in the days, two of Beyond Frequencies’ musicians even performed on the center stage of the infamous Burning Man Festival. Now is the time to start the new chapter. The musicians share a common believe that life is about learning and evolving. Because even when you feel like you’ve seen and heard it all, in the realm of frequencies there will always exist something more. A force that will trigger a tidal wave beyond frequencies.




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